The best free CRM software in 2022

(Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

With most CRMs, especially free versions, you are limited to a certain number of users and contacts. (Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)

If you use multiple apps within your company and want a CRM to integrate with them, there’s no better choice than (Web, iOS, Android)

Most CRMs do more than just managing contacts and deals, adding major functions such as marketing and helpdesk to their platforms. So far, (Gmail, iOS, Android)

Streak is one of the few free CRMs we could find that lives in your Gmail inbox, which means no separate app to log in to. If you’re a one-person operation wanting to manage contacts and deals from your inbox, Streak is worth a test drive.  

Once you download their extension, you’ll see the orange icon in the top right corner of your inbox. Clicking on that will bring up your settings, help, integrations, and other options. One thing to note is that you can’t share your pipelines with others with the free plan (upgrade to the $49/month plan required), so this is ideally suited for one person.  

Though it’s part of your Gmail, it does take a little getting used to because it doesn’t behave like other CRMs that have their own apps. It has a more Excel look and feel. That said, once you understand it, it’s nice to have one place to manage contacts, deals, and even projects. Contacts can be added from emails to leads and pipelines with a few clicks. Once added, all subsequent emails with that contact will be color-labeled as a lead and/or deal, and all details (tasks, notes, activity, etc.) appear in a right-hand column. To open up the contact’s full record, click on their email address in the column sidebar. Here you can see your full email history with the contact and add tasks, notes, and other activities.    

To create a pipeline, click on the Pipelines plus sign directly under your Drafts folder. A Templates screen pops up, allowing you to pick a number of sales, support, HR, and other project-type pipelines, which can be customized with stages, stage colors, and fields (e.g., source, industry, priority).    

One handy feature is email tracking. When a recipient opens your email, a pop-up will appear on your screen notifying you. Streak will then display the tracking history with that contact in the sidebar for any email thread, showing email views by date and location. A green eye icon indicates the email has been read, while an eye with a line through it indicates it hasn’t.

If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can integrate Streak with Zapier, which allows you to do things like create boxes in Streak from new spreadsheet rows or captured leads.

Streak Price: Free for 2 users; paid plans from $15/month for 1 user

Originally published in December 2014, this post is regularly updated with new selections and descriptions. Matthew Guay contributed to previous versions.

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