How to launch a paid webinar

They also make the webinars available as a Facebook event, but the RSVP still has to be completed on Eventbrite. 

4. Promote your webinar online and offline

You know you have to promote your webinar, but…where do you do it? Basically, any channel your company is on, you should promote your webinar there. But for paid webinars, email is probably your best bet.

Anyone who’s on your email list is there by choice, which means they’re a more engaged audience and would be more primed to sign up for the webinar. You’ve also already demonstrated the value you offer via the other emails you’ve sent in the past.

CNM sends out an email series: the first email announces the webinar, then a few reminder emails are sent until one day before the webinar. They use the auto-resend feature in MailerLite to automatically resend emails to subscribers who didn’t open it the first time around.

CNM also promotes on social, via website pop-up forms, and even offline, by partnering with educational institutions to get publications or magazine features. (They recommend including a QR code in any offline event promotion—people are used to it now.)

5. Follow-up

To nurture the relationship you’ve built during the webinar, it’s good practice to send a follow-up email to all signups (even no-shows)—either immediately, a few hours later, or at most a day after. 

CNM uses their follow-up emails to get feedback, so they can make sure their paid webinars are providing the value people expect. You might also include a link to a recording of the webinar or some additional exclusive content to really increase the value of the event.

6. Automate

Adding paid webinars as a marketing tactic can be time-intensive, so you’re going to want to automate anything you possibly can. That way, you can focus your energy on the content you’re delivering to your audience. I mentioned a few options above, but here are a few other ways to automate your webinar workflows.

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