Bread distribution is a new crisis for Damascus within days

The concerned authorities are preparing to approve the “distribution” of bread in Damascus at the beginning of next month, according to Al-Baath newspaper sources, saying that the preparation for “distribution” is in its final stages, and that work is underway to make the process a success, and to overcome the negatives, as they described it.
The term “distribution” refers to defining a specific point of sale for each card, so that the beneficiary obtains the material from a specific authorized person, and thus guarantees the availability of his share of the substance, similar to what is followed in obtaining other materials from authorized persons such as gas and gasoline. The Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Amr Salem, issued a decision at the beginning of his assumption of his responsibilities in the ministry to cancel the distribution of bread in a number of governorates, which he retracted on the same day under the pretext of completing administrative procedures, to be approved for implementation next month.
The decision will lead to an automatic increase in the price of a bundle of bread according to the approved selling price, which differs from the price in bakeries, which raises public opinion astonishment, and prompts questions about the reasons for rushing to implement and circulate the distribution in light of the failure to fill the basic gaps that faced the trial launch of the process in the governorates. The purpose of which was to monitor and correct errors.

The sources saw the “distribution” as a solution to the problems of overcrowding at the bakeries, the theft and waste of food supplies, and getting rid of the open market for bread, which citizens are forced to head to due to the severe overcrowding in the bakeries.
According to the sources, the decision will take into account citizens’ access to bread with dignity, with the opportunity to change the approved three times a month, to enable citizens to obtain bread from those accredited in the rest of the governorates if they travel.
The decision set the upper limit for those accredited at about 500 bags per day, and the bakeries themselves will be distribution centers with the same quota, equivalent to 500 bags per day for each bakery, similar to the accredited ones.The decision does not constitute a comfortable solution for citizens, especially with the persistence of complaints about the poor quality of bread allocated to the accredited, due to rapid packaging without refrigeration, and poor transportation and storage, which increases the possibility of wasting more widely, in the absence of solutions for the arrival of bread to the citizen of the required quality.

Many of the meetings related to the mechanism of distributing bread through the accredited, which were presented by the various media outlets, show the citizens’ dissatisfaction with the application mechanism, the presence of many loopholes, and the failure to deliver the material with an appropriate quality, as well as the accredited exploitation of the reality and selling at an additional price.

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