Truck movement from Jordan to Syria increased from 15 to 100 trucks per day

The head of the Syndicate of Owners of Clearance and Transport of Goods, Dhaifallah Abu Aqoula, said that the rate of truck movement from Jordan to Syria rose more than 850% this year from the volume of work during previous years. And Abu Aqoula, according to what was quoted by Al-Maqar newspaper, said that the number of trucks entering Syria from the Kingdom currently ranges between 100 to 120 trucks per day, while before that it did not exceed 15 to 20 trucks.

He pointed to a noticeable increase in the volume of goods that cross the Kingdom to Syria from the port of Aqaba, as well as from the Gulf countries, indicating that the most important materials entering are renewable energy industry segments, batteries, tires, raw materials for industry, and some foodstuffs.

He pointed out that there are some obstacles in the process of transporting goods to Syria, the most important of which is the refusal of drivers to reach certain areas inside Syria, which necessitates the need to bring empty Syrian trucks into Jaber’s borders to unload cargo there. However, this faces the dilemma of high permit fees by the Land Transport Authority. The Jordanian government’s decision to reopen the Jordanian-Syrian border comes “for the purposes of activating the trade and tourism movement between the two countries, taking into account the required security and health measures.”

According to the latest trade figures issued by the Department of Statistics in Jordan, the total volume of imports from Syria during the first eight months of this year amounted to 29.5 million dinars, compared to 20.2 million dinars during the same period last year, and national exports to Syria increased to 36.8 million dinars. From 22.7 million dinars during the same comparison period.

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ظهرت المقالة Truck movement from Jordan to Syria increased from 15 to 100 trucks per day أولاً على هاشتاغ.

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