The best free CRM software in 2022

(Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) With most CRMs, especially free versions, you are limited to a certain number of users and contacts. (Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android) If you use multiple apps within your company and want a CRM to integrate with them, there’s no better choice than (Web, iOS, Android) Most CRMs do more … اقرأ المزيد

Easily track contacts with Salesflare

Gone are the days of maintaining physical address books. Good riddance. Because let’s face it: jotting down important contact details and keeping those scribbled, scratched-out pages up to date was more than a little tedious.  Fortunately, the address book has moved into the digital age. Instead of updating contacts manually, you can use Salesflare, a … اقرأ المزيد

How to repurpose long-form content across different social channels

Content used to be simple: you created something (a blog, a podcast, a video), and then you shared it out across every single social media channel that you could. You’d use the same captions, the same hashtags, the same copy for everything. The principle was called COPE: create once, publish everywhere. But it’s not that … اقرأ المزيد

How to choose a WordPress host for your business

Slower loading speeds, higher risk of cyberattacks, and longer downtimes—these are just some of the consequences of not doing your research before choosing a WordPress host for your business.  I haven’t tested every WordPress host out there, but I’ve tried enough of them that I’ve learned what to keep my eye out for. Here I’ll … اقرأ المزيد

How to deliver great customer service while still standing your ground 

I’ve worked in customer-facing roles in the retail and hospitality industries, and now I’m a freelance writer. In all three roles, I quickly learned that there are plenty of times when the customer is most decidedly not always right. But even when they’re dead wrong, what do you do?  As a service-based business owner, I … اقرأ المزيد

The 6 best invoicing apps in 2022

(Web, iOS, Android) (Web, macOS, Chrome, iOS, Android) (Web, iOS, Android) Digital invoices can easily get buried in your clients’ inboxes. Invoice2go helps you stand out and get paid faster by letting you send invoices from any messaging app on your phone. On the iOS or Android app, simply fill out a handful of fields … اقرأ المزيد

The architecture behind Zapier’s Zap History pages

you access our Next.js service that serves the Zap History user interface (UI). We currently deploy our Next.js service to our Kubernetes cluster which has an Ingress routing rule to route to our service’s pod. We’ve been using Next.js in some capacity at Zapier for years, but recently we’ve begun separating our UIs into individual … اقرأ المزيد

Timing: App spotlight

We’ve all been there: you need to start work on a project, but first, you feel you’d better check your work email. After that, you get distracted by requests or questions in your team’s chatroom, or your meetings run overtime. Suddenly, you’ve had no lunch, and you have to squeeze a day’s worth of work … اقرأ المزيد